Do-It-Yourself LED Lighting

The value of LED lighting is the ease of use, energy efficiency, functionality in almost any space, and versatility. LEDs can be used in many ways and are an ideal option for the average do-it-yourself (DIY) lighting project.

The true value of LED lighting solutions is the ease of use, energy efficiency, ability to function in almost any space, and versatility. LEDs can be used in many ways and are an ideal option for the average do-it-yourself (DIY) lighting project. 

Unique and stylish lighting features can truly transform an indoor or outdoor space. LED lighting solutions can accent features, add drama, bring style to an otherwise normal space, and provide an added safety benefit. In the past, lighting projects were expensive and required a professional to be done properly and safely. LED lighting has made DIY projects a reality for many with endless budget friendly DIY lighting projects available for every skill level.

DIY Lighting Projects

Railings: LED lighting hidden beneath a handrail in a stairwell adds a guiding light and attractive feature.

Decks: Low voltage, energy-efficient LED deck lighting can create a gorgeous atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

Fences: Turn your fence into a focal point with LED lighting. It also adds a level of safety and security to your yard.

Stairs: More and more homeowners and designers have turned to LED lighting to illuminate both indoor and outdoor stairways.

Landscape Lighting: Installing an exterior landscape lighting system is a great way to add beauty, curb appeal and safety to your home garden, walkway, and entrance areas.

Marine/Boat: Brighten up any area of your boat with interior or exterior LED lighting.

Closets: Showcase your clothes and shoes in style with LED lighting solutions. The low heat output generated by LEDs greatly reduces any fire hazards associated with having lights in a closet.

Under Cabinet and Counter: Whether you need some extra light in your kitchen or just want to add ambiance, under counter or cabinet LED lighting is an energy efficient and inexpensive option.

Entertainment Centers: LED lighting systems can be mounted behind TVs to provide soft illumination on walls, to highlight and illuminate electronics, books, or display items. LED lighting systems can enhance your viewing experience by reducing eye fatigue and provide an interactive, unique style.

Aquarium Lighting: With the low heat output that comes with LED lights, many people have turned to LED as a light source for aquariums because they do not heat up the water.

Car Interiors and Exteriors: Create an interior or exterior ultra-bright glow by adding modern LED lights to your car.