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LED Lighting Application

The Rise of Creative LED Lighting Applications for Surface Illumination

The rise in the use of creative LED lighting applications can be attributed to a need for an energy efficient, high quality, durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly option for surface illumination. LED lights are now available in any color and in a range of sizes and styles. Creative LED lighting is used to enhance kitchens, […]
Exterior LED Lighting Solutions

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Creative and Functional LED Lighting Solutions

The popularity of outdoor living spaces, dining areas, home offices, “she sheds” and “man caves” has been growing for years and current social distancing requirements have put an even greater emphasis on utilizing outdoor spaces as part of our new normal. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the effects of the pandemic, consumers […]
LED Under Rail Deck Lighting 1

Installing a Micro Star LED Light Bar

The Micro Star LED Light Bar is a functional, creative and easy to install lighting solution. It is available in three lengths and four popular finish options to compliment your railing system. Being completely water resistant and encased in an aluminum channel and plastic lens cover, these lights can stand up to the most demanding […]
Exterior Deck and Landscape LED Lighting

DIY LED Lighting Projects

If you have a project requiring lighting and are unsure about what to use or are concerned about dealing with electrical issues, LED may be your answer. LED lighting has made DIY projects a reality for many with endless budget friendly DIY lighting projects available for every skill level.

Ten Uses for Small LED Lights

There are many uses for LED lighting but the tiny LED size and nature of the single Micro Star™ LED light is unique and lends itself to unique uses. Explore our most recent blog to see ten potential uses for Micro Star™ small LED lights.