Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Creative and Functional LED Lighting Solutions

The popularity of outdoor living spaces, dining areas, home offices, “she sheds” and “man caves” has been growing for years and current social distancing requirements have put an even greater emphasis on utilizing outdoor spaces as part of our new normal. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the effects of the pandemic, consumers have started to focus more on their homes. This new normal and focus on the home has forced people to reevaluate how they work and where they gather for social events, parties, holidays and celebrations. These changes have led to an increased need for outdoor living spaces.

Just like inside the home, creative and functional outdoor living spaces start with attractive and efficient lighting solutions. The Micro Star™ lighting series can create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor meals, gatherings or movie nights. Hidden or discrete LED lighting in railings, decks, fences, posts, steps and walls can set the ambiance and create the perfect setting for an evening gathering. Lighting on posts, steps and walkways is not only welcoming, but it adds an element of safety as well by allowing you and your guests to walk comfortably at night.

When planning for your outdoor lighting, it is important to consider using LED lights. LED lights offer a low wattage option that is energy efficient, lasts a long time and requires less maintenance. The Micro Star™ LED Lights are available in 12 Volt DC and each draws only .02 amps. They are pre-wired for simple connection and quick installation. They are also very small in size measuring only 1/4” in diameter and 7/8” in length and can fit almost anywhere with ease, even into curved surfaces such as tubular railings or fixtures.  If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space, consider using one of the many Micro Star™ LED lighting options available to give your space the added comfort, functionality and safety it deserves.